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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Curious Logic

This story speaks volumes about the drones proud Americans rushing out to buy the book Unfit for Command, an anti-John Kerry screed recently in the news.

NEW YORK – The nation’s two biggest bookstore chains, Barnes & Noble and Borders, say angry customers are accusing them of political bias as the retailers struggle to keep up with demand for a best seller that questions John Kerry’s military service in Vietnam.

“Unfit for Command,” which went on sale Aug. 11 with a first printing of 85,000, will have 550,000 copies in print by next week, according to Regnery Publishing…

“The misunderstanding among customers seems to be that we are somehow taking an ideological stand,” Borders spokeswoman Jenie Dahlmann said Tuesday. “We would gladly sell the book, but … can’t get an adequate supply.”

Okay, let me get this straight: when both the retailer and publisheer underestimate the buzz and subsequent demand for a book, it’s prima facie evidence of bias? The persection complex among some conservative true-believers is even weirder than I thought. On the other hand, you’ve got liberals saying that B&N and Borders shouldn’t sell the book becuase it’s a hatchet job. Yecch.

I haven’t blogged much on the 2004 presidential eleciton down south; I suspect it’s because it’s kind of distant, especially compared to up-close look at the recent Canadian election that I enjoyed. Nonetheless, I point you to a couple of tidbits realted to the flim-flam over what John Kerry did or didn’t do in Vietnam.

Okay, and one last question: If quesitons raised by a bunch of career critics of Kerry’s is enough to render him unfit for office, then what about the giant gaps in Dubya’s service in the Champagne Squadron where he courageously defended Texas from Louisiana?

Jes’ askin’, thas’ all.
Glad the liberals have had such a positive influence on foreign relations. American drones=politically correct prejudice. Please tell me when you post something about "African Morons" and insist its not racist.

2 things:

1. Bush didn't make his 'service' a key plank of his campaign. Kerry did.

2. Connections? How about No connection to Kerry, I presume?
If you're too disingenuous to notice, I was slagging the drones who think that a rushed hatchet job called Unfit for Command, and ther tendency to cast themselves as patriots.

Try that on for size, anonomouse.
If you're too disingenuous to notice, I was slagging the drones who think that a rushed hatchet job called Unfit for Command, and ther tendency to cast themselves as patriots.

Try that on for size, anonomouse.
Attention Bush Hater:

All liberals share a common flaw: they think they're smarter than the rest. Look at

yourself. You do, don't you? Politically, this translates to every prominent Republican

being "stupid." Naturally, those who subscribe to Republican issues are "stupid," too.

This election saw a "stupid" president win reelection because of "stupid" Republican voters.

Do you believe yourself to be smarter than the majority? If you do, you're awfully

arrogant. You might even be stupid. "Stupid" George Bush has devised a strategy to win the

Presidency -- twice. Al Gore and John Kerry were supposedly brilliant. Bush beat both of

them. He won the debates. He won the elections. And this time you can't try to sue your

way into the White House; Bush won too big.

The unravelling of the Democratic party is its mistaken certainty that Republicans are

"stupid." Please, please uphold that belief. Republicans will be disappointed if you

don't. Please continue mocking and underestimating your opponent. We pick up votes each

time you do.

This victory, along with increasing Republican margins in Congress, delcares a mandate for

GWB: tax cuts, the Patriot Act, the War on Terror, and of course, the war in Iraq. Your

opposition to this mandate puts you in the minority. Don't romanticize it by thinking

yourself exclusively informed and intelligent. You're not.

The truth is, you're stupid.

My parting advice to you is to move where those of your species (the stupid and the

arrogant) reside: France.

Sincerely, PontificateOrPerish

P.S. Hillary will lose in 2008, too.
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