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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Post-elxn, down south

Paul Wells offers a bit of post-election wisdom. I’m not bothering; I’m hacking away on an assignment that I should have filed 12 hours ago. Read his stuff instead.

The majestic Howard Dean coalition %u2014 youth, new voters, the “wired,” the “disenfranchised” %u2014 remains the France of electoral coalition-building: genuinely useful, if only it would freaking show up for the freaking fight. Sorry, but I’m a bit bitter about this. Participation soared across every demographic, including the underestimated People Michael Moore Likes to Make Fun Of. But the young-new-”disenfranchised” set sat around and played Halo 2 on the X-box instead of, you know, freaking voting. These are the same people who couldn’t be arsed to pick up the phones at Dean headquarters in South Carolina when I was there in January. (Fun Canadian fact: the Canadian leader who has put all of his hopes %u2014 and I mean all his hopes %u2014 on the Howard Dean coalition of non-voting non-voters is Jack Layton. Explains a lot, really.)

Is it just me, or is today’s politician professing support of the cell-phonin’ bloggin’ and non-voting voter nothing more than this decade’s version of the perpetual loser who claims that he speaks for the 30-odd percent of eligible voters who didn’t show up last time? Yes, he is.

Fear not, though, fellow associates of the Liberal Media™! Your life is not over if Bush is elected!

I wanted Kerry to win and I expected Kerry to win. But the journalist in me finds this result far more intriguing. Four more years? Oh, man, the ride’s barely beginning, and it’s going to be nuts.

Thanks, Paul. I needed that. If Bush does win—and, frankly, it’s looking likely barring a clusterfuck of Kerry votes in Cleveland—I can rest assured that there will be a lot to write about for now till 2009. I’m not sure how much I should look forward to it. (Well, I suppose that it’s no different from getting all giddy ten years ago over a dozen ODs in one night and a barnburnin’ story that writes itself…)

For another take, check Colby Cosh’s all-day electo-something.
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