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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


What you're looking for

Let's play Spot the Server Log Strangeness! I kid you not: the following search engine queries have been used to find this site at least three times in the last 10 days.

ted white racist north vancouver: Oh, you mean this? "My riding has the largest Iranian population in the country. At least 40% of all the Iranians living there are refugee claimants. Most of them are bogus. I just mentioned the lawyer who sent me an e-mail last Wednesday or Thursday. He actually put in his email that people in the Iranian community had told him the guy was a criminal in Iran and he is a criminal in Canada and they wanted to know why we had let him in.

I cannot say how many times that comment has been made to me by the decent Iranian immigrants in my riding who came in using the proper system. They see all these, and I am sorry to use the word, scumbags who come in using our refugee laws and claiming refugee status just so they can be criminals here."

Just remember, though: North Van voters have been voting in Ted White for ten years despite -- or because of? -- his (and neighbouring MP John Reynolds's) love of dumping on refugee claimants, the fact that he once ran for Neo-Nazi defender Doug Christie's Western Canada Concept, and his close association with master anti-Semite Doug Collins.

stephen harper richview: You must be looking for an examination about the future life of an Etobicoke prep school grad. Here you go.

harvey grigg conservative: Met the guy not too long ago. To say he's a longshot is an understatement. You may be looking for his campaign website.

kwangyul peck: Has no fingerprints. Perfect politician.

evan solomon ass: Whatever turns you on, dude.

bloc-conservative coalition: Just wait 'till they try to hammer out a foreign-affairs policy...

joe volpe pornography: Oh. Please. God. No.

Gordon Campbell Larry Campbell brothers: Not brothers in any sense of the word, I can assure you.

stephen harper abortion: No comment. That's his story and he's stickin' to it.

Canadians Flashing Tits: Try it on Booble; let me know how you make out.

vancouver scrum: Gawd, that blog does suck.
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